5 must haves in every closet

When it comes to my closet there is a little rule I go by "if you haven't worn it in a year,get rid of it" and this is what I do at least twice a year when I go through my stuff. There are 5 things I  think every girl needs in her closet
1. A good leather jacket-> you can wear it casually in the day or dress it up at night. A good leather jacket will never go out of style and it a must. My favorite one I have is by Lauren Conrad and I would never trade it in.
2. Flats-> I am such a flats girl. They are so easy and go with pretty much any outfit.
3.  The perfect jeans-> lets face it, finding a good  pair of jeans is hard! Once I find a pair I love I never want to take them off.
4.Blazer-> every girl needs to get a blazer. It really can make any outfit.
5. Boots->I think riding boots are so chic and cute. They are perfect for any fall outfit


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