Thursday, September 22, 2011

Water Marble Nails

 Just like hair,I love trying out new styles when it comes to my nails. Over the summer I was really into Crackle and now I am to water marble. The picture at the left is all the supplies I used and the one at the right  is the finished product. I am not gonna lie it does take time to do but the finished product is worth it. I will post the steps:
1.First fill a cup with room temperature water. The water must be room temperature or the technique will not work.
2.Cover the skin surrounding  your nails with scotch tape
3. Apply a clear base coat
4.Apply two coats of a white nail polish
5.Pick your nail polish colors. You can use whatever colors you would like. Make sure you leave the nail polish colors open because you are going to need to be fast.
6.Put drops of nail polish into your cup of water. Rotate on and off the colors. Make sure you do this quickly.
7.Make a design. Use a toothpick to make any design you went with the circles of colors.
8.Place your nails on the design. Line your nail to the design you created and place it straight down on the design. Leave it in the water for 10 seconds.
9.Get a toothpick and remove the extra nail polish surrounding your nail in the cup
10. Repeat steps 8 and 9 for each nail
11. Apply a clear top coat once nails have dried

12. You are now done!

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