My Love With Nails

I love having my nails painted. I feel weird when I don't have them done. When it comes to nails there are some rules I have. So here are some of my rules- comment and let me know some that you use:
Match Your Nail Color To The season- one of my biggest pet peeves is when a girls nail color doesn't match the season. Keep the brights for spring and summer and the dark colors for fall and winter.
Match Your Toes and Hands- I am not sure about everyone else but what ever I have on my hands has to be the same for my toes. I can not have mismatched colors, it needs to be all in n sync with me.
Simple Is Better- I am a simple girl. I am not into getting crazy designs on my nails. If that's your thing then rock it but for me I like to keep it very clean and simple.
Chipped Nails- Chipped nails are never cute!
Find A Brand You Love- I love OPI and Sally Hansen
Have Fun With It-Having Your Nails done is a great way to express yourself. Be you and do what you love!


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