Katy Perry Billboard's Woman of the Year

It seems pretty fitting that the amazing and very talented Katy Perry would be Billboard's Woman of the year. Her amazing Teenage Dream album produce hit after hit making her the only  lady to ever have five number ones from one album! Congrats Katy!

With such an honor comes talk of being a role model. How does that make you feel?
I'd like to change the phrase "role model" to "inspiration." "Role model" puts you on a pedestal that no one can really live up to. For me, aspiring to be an artist at a young age, I didn't think about being a role model. But I definitely thought about being an inspiration. So I hope that I am an inspiration, especially with my work ethic and my ability to overcome obstacles.

It might mean inspiring someone to be more creative, more honest or have more integrity. All I want to do is encourage people and make them feel. It's not always going to be feeling good. Sohwtimes it's going to be, "We need to push that out, we need to get through that." And the only way we're going to get through that is a bucket of tears.READ MORE ON http://www.billboard.com



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