Bathing Suit Trend 2013

It's almost summer time! I am lucky enough to live with in 15 minutes of a couple of beaches and I really couldn't imagine not being able to go to the beach whenever I wanted to. With beach weather comes some beach wear trends. I put together some of my favorite trends and places where could find them. Once again I tried to keep all the suits under $50 for us girls on a budget. Let me know what other trends you guys are loving and where you are buying you summer swimsuits! And remember it doesn't matter your shape or size- wear what makes you feel good and rock it!! xoxo


Retro swim wear is my favorite favorite favorite this year. The high waisted short bathing suits and also the swim dress are to cute I can't even put into words. I already brought a retro swim dress from Target and now I need to get  the shorts. The picture above is from Forever21 and they have an amazing selection. They also have a great selection in their Forever21+


Fringe is super cute and super chic. I think if you want to add a little glamour to your beach attire fringe is great way to do it. The one picture above is from


Floral never really goes out of style. I think at some point in our lives we own a floral bathing suit and this year I think that are some really cute ones you can find. The one picture above is from


Ruffles, ruffles, ruffles. If you want to feel extra girly ruffles is the way to go. With ruffles I would try and make sure not to over do it. If you are going to wear a two piece make sure to either have ruffles on the top or the bottom not both.  The one picture above is from


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