Diana Di Poce creates Dare Magazine

Diana Di Poce who is a fashion communications student at Ryerson University in Toronto Canada,has come up with one of the best online magazine- creating an online magazine for us curvy ladies (size 12-plus). Even though the magazine is geared toward the curvier lady, Diana Di Poce made a point of not labeling it that. She Said "I wanted to keep it more general in the way that any woman can look at the magazine and get inspiration from it. Its just like how I pick up Elle or Flare...even though I won't fit in these outfits and I won't look like these models, I still get inspiration." I think in today's fashion society this is a huge step in the right direction. Its an inspiration to see someone show that you need to be proud of who you are no matter what your size is. For now the magazine is an online only publication and you can find it daremag.ca, eventually she hopes to make it a quarterly publication.



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