Favorite Bronzers 2013

There are so many different kinds of bronzers on the market that it can get confusing when picking one.  When you want to get that sun kissed look in pinch its hard to know should you use powder or liquid, drug store or "name" brand. I asked my friends and a few family members and along with the ones I like, I picked my favorite ones. When choosing bronzers there is one important thing to remember:
Keep your skin tone in mind!  Bronzer is made to add a tan glow not to make you go from to suddenly tan. Your bronzer should be one or two shades drake than your skin tone and any darker than that it looks unnatural. I also added tips on how to apply which is basically the way I apply my bronzer. You want to find what works for you so these may be helpful and may not so, let me know what you you think of the choices and what you wear! xoxo

Too Faced 16 Hour Long-Wear Bronzer $30(left) can be found at sephora stores. Has no shimmer.

Fit Me Bronzer Maybelline $5.99(right) can be found at your drug store. Has shimmer and this is the one I love. I love a shimmer in my bronzer.

How To Apply Powder Bronzer:

Powder bronzer is actually my go to. I prefer it over liquid bronzer. First and foremost make sure you have washed and dry faced.  Apply your regular foundation and concealer before you put your bronzer on. You want to apply the bronzer in areas of the face that sun normally hits. Go for the chin, forehead, check bones, and top of the nose area. When applying you always want use natural light because it can look completely  different inside than when you walk out in to the natural sunlight. If you don't have a natural sun setting on your light use a window (which I do) and it really makes a difference.

Stila One Step Bronze $36 (left) can be found at sephora stores. I have this one incase I run out of my powder bronzer. Its my go to for liquid bronzers

Bronze Goddess Luminous Liquid Bronzer $28.50(right) can be found on esteelauder.com and where ever Estee Lauder products are sold. I have a lot of friends who praise this liquid bronzer.

How To Apply Liquid Bronzer:

Again you want to make sure your face is clean and dry. With your fingers put a small amount of bronzer on your forehead and cheeks. Use a damp make up brush or make up blender and spread the bronzer outward from there. Let the bronzer dry and then you can add some to any blemishes you can still see. Remember you want it to look natural so dont over do it. When the bronzer has completely dry you want to lightly add face powder to your face. This will seal in your liquid bronzer.

photos: sephora.com


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