And I'm Feeling Blue- Favorite Blue Nail Polishes

                    Usually in the summer I go for bright pinks, yellow, oranges ect. This summer I found myself attracted to blues. Bright blues, mint blues, and baby blues- they have all graced my nails this summer.  I really kept the five blues above on rotation (a course with a pink or orange color for a week or two) during these past few weeks. There are so many blues out but I love how these still give you a nice bright pop for summer. Let me know what colors you guys have been rocking this summer and if you love these! Hope you're all enjoying these last few weeks of summer! xoxo

1.) China Glaze -Turned Up Turquoise$8- This has such a great shiny finished and the color has such an amazing pop in the sun. I would recommend using a base and top coat with this cause it does chip fairly easy but other than that I think its a great addition to add to your collection.

2.) Sally Hansen- Blew Me Away$2.99- Like the name of it, this color really blew me away. It is such a pretty blue when it is on you.

3.) Color Club- London Calling- This color from Color Club is probably one of my new obsessions. I got this in a BirchBox and is part of the wanderlust collection and I have been in love ever since. This is more of mint blue and it actually looks like it glows in the dark at night time. (check out my instagram jassxoo to see) .

4.) Sally Hansen-Mint Sorbet$2.99- I have been wearing this color for a few years now and must say I will never get sick of it. Its one of those colors that once you buy it, you will always keep it in your collection.

5.) Essie- Where's My Chauffeur$8-  I had gotten this color done at a salon and than spent about three months trying to find it stores. Luckily I finally found it (and am currently wearing it)! It has a smooth fished and doesn't chip easily which is a plus!  I will probably be wearing this color for a few more weeks cause it took me so long to find and I love it.


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