DIY: Sock Bun

So I really love a good sock bun. I have seen in stores the as seen on tv ones, but figured there had to be an easy diy way to achieve a good sock bun. After doing some research I came across this simple way to do it in four steps.

Step One: You want to first get a long sock and a pair of cutting scissors

Step Two:   You want to cut to toe part of the sock. Most sock have a line by the toe part so I just follow the line around the whole sock.

Step Three: You want to roll the the sock into a doughnut. Start at the top where you cut the toes part off and move down. It should look like image 3 when you are complete.

Step Four: First put your hair in a pony. Next pull your hair straight up and put it in the middle of the doughnut shaped sock. Work your hair around the bun in a circular motion and be sure the ends of your hair are tucked completely underneath the sock to create the bun. The finished product should look like image 4.

I hope this was an easy way to help you create a sock bun! xoxo


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