Quick D.I.Y. Hair Styles

   We are all super busy with life and always on the go, its nice to find some super cute and easy hair styles that leave us feeling glam yet take no time at all to do. I found three simple and fun hair styles that are perfect for the girl on the go. Which simple hair style is your go to?!
                                          What You'll Need For All Three Hair Styles
                                                                *Hair Ties
                                                                *Bobbi Pins

                                                                    How To
                                     1.) Brush through your hair to get rid of any tangles you may have
                                     2.) Using your brush evenly put your in half up half down pony tail. Instead of pulling it through for a complete pony tail, you are going to want great a bun/loop look. (first picture) Make sure to not pull it completely through you will need to use the tail for the rest.
                                      3.)  Gently separate the bun/loop straight down the middle making two sections. With the two sections you want to gently secure them down with bobbi pins.
                                      4.) You should be left with two loops on each side of your pony tail with the extra part we didn't pull all the way through still laying flat down. You are going to want to pull that extra hair upward and over in the middle of the two loops. You want to secure that with bobbi pins.
                                      5.) Spray some hair spray if you need to hold your through out the day and ta da you have your self a half up and half down hair bow!

                                                                         How To
                               1.) You want to brush out your hair and get rid of any tangles you may have.
                               2.) Using a brush you want evenly separate your hair to half up and half down.
                               3.) With the half up part you want to make a low side pony tail. I recommend putting the pony tail on your best side.
                                4.) With the half down part you wan to make a normal braid going straight down (as seen in the second picture) and tie it with a hair tie
                                5.)With braided portion you want to wrap it around the the pony tail portion. You want to than secure any fly away's down with bobbi pins and spray any hair spray if needed and ta da you have and easy braided side pony tail.

                                                                     How To
                                                1.)Brush out any tangles you may have
                                                2.)Separate your hair into two sections
                                                3.) You than want to braid each section and tie the end with hair ties. It                                                            should look like picture two
                                               4.) Start with the right braided section and wrap it counter clockwise                              around the left braid making sure to secure it down with bobbi pins.
                                                 5.) Take the left braid and wrap it clockwise as you did with the right braid and secure it down with bobbi pins. Add any extra bobbi pins if needed and some hair spray and ta da you have a great braided bun!


  1. Love this post! I've been looking for some styles to put my hair up during the summer, and these are perfect!
    Will keep them in mind!

    1. Yes! These hair styles are cute and extremely simple. I'm glad they were helpful!!


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