Rest and Relaxation at Home

      Ever have those really long stressful days and just need a place to go and relax and forget the world and its problems. Well many of us don't have the luxury of going to spa, so why not turn our homes into a mini version of spa. After all summer is about rest, relaxation and rejuvenation. Bubble baths, candles and nice shower could have you feeling better in no time. There are so many different bath products out that you might not not know what to get so you may resort to your inner child and get Mr.Bubbles (not that there is anything wrong with Mr. Bubbles but we are "grown ups" now), when there are so many good bathing and showering products for us big kids.  I did a little research and asked so of my friends what products they are into when it comes to bath time fun, shower gels and candles, and came up with a few good ones. I'm actually excited to get my hands on some of these on my next trip to the mall! Let me know what you guys are using and if you love these products to! xoxo

     When looking for products for a bath I wanted to see what else besides bubble bath I could find. While shopping in the mall I came across this store called LUSH Cosmetics. Everything in LUSH is handmade and needless to say I fell in love instantly.  For your bath time relaxation I came across bath bombs and bath melts. You can find these products at LUSH stores and also on their website.

Bath Bombs:

Fizzing, non-foaming bath spheres are made with the finest essential oils chosen to make your day better, not just to amuse you with their spectacular dissolving abilities.

Top Row (left to right): Big Blue $6.40 Sail away and take a vacation from life, in the tub
                                     Twilight $6.25 Dreamy lavender froth for sweet dreams

Bottom Row (left to right): Sakura $6.45 Delicate florals float around you, softly scenting your skin
                                        Pink Bath Bomb $4.95 A candy-topped treat with sweet vanilla and tonka bean

Bath Bars:

They make their  bubble bars solid to avoid using preservatives and only use minimal packaging. It's also a lot more fun to create lovely shapes and colors with solid bubble bath than liquid ones. One Bubble Bar Slice contains the exact amount of fragrance and bubble power needed to give you one perfect, Hollywood-film-star-style bubble bath

Top Row (left to right) :  The Comforter $10.95 Hide away from the world underneath a blanket of blackcurrant bubbles
Blue Skies and Fluffy White Clouds $10.95 Aura cleansing bubble bath filled with meditative scents

Bottom Row (left to right): Dorothy $6.25 Follow the yellow brick road over the rainbow and into a tubful of bubbles

Mar Bar $7.95 Indulge in Ma Bar for a creamy tub of honey-toffee bubbles

             When looking for shower gels I wanted to find something that smells good and also leaves you feeling good and rejuvenated. philosophy has amazing shower products that would be perfect for you and also perfect for gifts for your friends and family. You can find these items at Sephora stores and on philosophy website.

Top Row (left to right): Green $20 fresh pear scent. 100% of philosophy's net proceeds from the sale of green go directly to the rainforest foundation.

Vanilla Birthday Cake $16.50 I actually got this as a birthday gift one year and thought it was such a cute and different idea and it really smells like birthday cake!

Bottom Row (left to right): Falling In Love Summer $24 falling in love summer shampoo, bath & shower gel is a 3-in-1 formula that gently cleanses and conditions skin and hair while inspiring flirtatious summer romance.

Field of Flowers $18

a field of flowers is the ultimate soul-stirring experience.

        Voluspa candles are kinda pricey but its nice to try something new with candles. I actually have wrote about this candle brand before. I think they are cute and chic and perfect for your home and also to give as gifts. They come in so many different unique smells and you can purchase them on Voluspa website and also on Nordstrom website.


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