Top Online Clothing Retailers

There is nothing I enjoy more than a nice little trip to the mall for some good ol fashion retail therapy, but sometimes there are those days when you just want to stay in your bed watching Real Housewives marathons and avoid the mall crowds. Not to fear, we can get all the joy of a good shopping spree right from the comfort of our own homes. Sure there are the major chain stores where we get our shopping fix but there are also a ton of online boutiques with amazing clothes and great prices.  I decided to put together a list of my top online retailers that I love at the moment with a cute piece from there.

1,) LULUS.COM- Is always one of my go to online retailers.  The mother and daughter company has an amazing range of clothing, shoes and accessories for a great price. They buy a limited quality of items so if you see something you love get while you can. I love have they have a really cute features section with pintrest picks, cheap chicas and my my favorite must have mints to name a few. LuLu*s also has their own cutesy blog which you can check out while browsing for some cute outfits!
Item I love right now from LuLu*s - That's a wrap coral long sleeve dress $50 

2.) ASOS.COM-  ASOS is the UK's biggest independent online fashion and beauty retailer. They have over 60,000 brand products. They have a women's, men's and a great plus size selection. They also have a great blog, an outfits and look section and they have a free weekly magazine.

Item I love right now from ASOS-ASOS Maxi Skirt

3.)   NastyGal started as an online ebay store in 2006 and has blossomed into international fashion staple. The online boutique had such a great style selection ranging from everything from clothes, shoes, accessories and vintage pieces.

Item I love right now from NastyGal- Sunday Stripe Knit

4.) Singer22 is more expensive than the other ones but its has such an amazing selection. It offers both women's and men's clothing and also has great celebrity picks section. They also have a great blog and shop celeb style section. Its also pretty cool that they have taken their online success and have opened in two stores in Long Island NY

Item I love right now from Singer22- Ramy Brook  Romper in Black



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