Friday, August 30, 2013

Drake For Billboard Magazine


      With the release of Drake's third album in September (its hard to believe its his third album already, I still remember going to his shows when he just had mix tapes out) he sat down with Billboard Magazine to talk about his famous catch phrases, his new album Nothing Was The Same and that famous Kendrick Lamar verse.

His Famous Catch Phrases: "I'll be out trying to get a sandwich or something and the guy will say to me, 'I'd give you a free drink with that, but you know, no new friends,'" Drake says with a laugh. "I swear I'm not sitting around going, 'What's the new meme going to be?' But I do spend a lot of time when I'm writing, especially lately, trying to make something for people to live by. I'm trying to make anthems that are empowering to people, to find phrases that I haven't heard before. I'm not just going to sit here and be like, 'Fuckin' bitches, getting money!'

On Nothing Was The Same: "There's a lot less sort of ambient ballad moments on this album where I'm searching or longing for something,that sentiment is gone. Now I'm just kind of like, 'You know, I'm 26, I don't know what the fuck else I could be doing better than this. I feel incredible about how I'm able to support my family and friends and how supportive my family and friends have been of me.'

On Fame: "A lot of people get on and it's like they're just waiting to get more on,they're always waiting for a bigger moment to come. But I've started to realize that this is it, this is the moment. And it reads, you know? People come up to me now and they're like, 'Man, you look good! You look like you're happy.'"

On Kendrick Lamar Verse: "I didn't really have anything to say about it,It just sounded like an ambitious thought to me. That's all it was. I know good and well that Kendrick's not murdering me, at all, in any platform. So when that day presents itself, I guess we can revisit the topic."


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