Jason Pollock Delivers a Drake-Inspired High School Graduation Speech

 This is not my normal fashion post but I think it truly has to be one of the greatest graduation speeches. I was on twitter when I saw a post from globalgrind about a Drake inspired graduation speech Jason Pollock delivered to the 2013 graduating class of Schenectady High School. Jason went a different route when talking to the graduating class a took inspiration from his favorite rapper Drakes hit singles "No New Friends", "Started From The Bottom" and of course all of our guilty pleasure "YOLO".  The greatness starts at the 5:30 mark and leaves us all wishing our graduation speeches were all this charming and engaging!

YOLO- "Y.O.L.O stands for you only live once.  Its really a very positive thing and not a negative thing and I see a lot of kids using it in a negative way. Its about living everyday to the fullest cause you only live once. Making sure you to tell the people we love that we love them."

No New Friends- "It dose not mean to block yourself off from the world or not to make any new friends. You will make new friends. It means there are a few people in your life who you grew up with who really know you and they are your real friends. There are not that many people in our lives like that. Hold on to them and never let them go"

Started From The Bottom: "It doesn't matter if you're rich or poor. Started From The Bottom is really for everybody, because we all started from the bottom. We all have to start from the bottom with the emotional stuff.  We have to start from the bottom with maturity, with understanding of the world. With morals with ethics. And so each of you had to start from the bottom and you're here.  I want you guys to remember that Started From The Bottom, and life in general, is not about money and fame. You need to redefine what success is."



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