New Product: THINKX Underwear

 I randomly came across a new underwear line called THINX. THINX was created from three girls(Antonia,Miki and Radha) ready to change the world. The whole idea of the product is to produce stain resistant underwear for women and teenage girls when we have "accidents" and embarrassing moments during that time of month. They come in  different styles such as hiphugger, cheeky, shapewear comfy, THINKX by Navena and Thong. The comfortable and chic underwear are also helping changing the world because every time you buy THINX you are helping keep girls in school and creating jobs for women in challenging areas around the world. I'm kinda loving how the hipphuggers look and want to try the shapewear! What do you guys think of these new and improved underwear?!

Hiphugger $32

Cheeky $29

Shapewear Comfy $69



  1. Such a cool line of underwear!

  2. I love the hiphuggers. It's a great idea!


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