Sunday, August 25, 2013

N*SYNC Reunion...Maybe Please!

         If you grew up during the NSYNC boy band era you understand how exciting tonight's VMA's might turn out to be! With the rumors circulating of an NSYNC reunion tonight the 12 year old in me couldn't not be any happier. I ,like many teenage girls growing up around that time, was a huge NSYNC fan! From my bedroom walls covered in posters, to the NSYNC dolls and of course having the cd the day it came out and lets not forget about a baby face Justin Timberlake. At 12 years old, my life in small town America pretty much revolved around those 5 guys. I thought in honor of the NSYNC reunion that might take place tonight we should honor some of those amazing classic outfits from those talented guys (lets face it the late 90s and early 00 were filled with some outrageous but memorable fashion choices.)

                                          Oh. My. lets take it back to the overall days

                                                      Plastic Jackets always a classic

                                     Cause we all thought those Justin curls were the cutest

                                                            All black everything

                                    And last but not least what we all might be in store for tonight!!

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