Product Praise: EOS Shaving Cream

              The joy I get from shopping in a drugstore is unreal. I love finding new beauty products and is it me or do they always seem to have the best new beauty products?! So on my search for some great new beauty finds I came across EOS new shaving cream. Being of their lip balm (I mean really what girl doesn't love the egg shell lip balm) I just had to try it. The shaving cream is filled with all natural conditioning oils, Shea butter and antioxidants E and C.  This product is paraben- free and phthalate-free and also comes in a soft touch recyclable bottle.  This shaving cream smells good and really leaves your skin feeling so smooth and soft. If you are looking for a new shaving cream I highly recommend this product. I mean its made from natural products and is good for the environment, what more could you ask for.  Have any of you tried this new shaving cream from EOS and which are your into?

Lavender Jasmine Moisturizing Shaving Cream $3.49 (this is the scent I use because anything with my name is must =] )

Pomegranate Raspberry Moisturizing Cream $3.49

Sensitive Fragrance Free Shaving Cream $3.49



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    1. it is such a great product! really leaves your skin feeling smooth


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