Monday, September 23, 2013

Quick D.I.Y Eye Liner

I love finding quick and easy D.I.Y projects and when I found this simple D.I.Y eye liner I squealed with excitement.  Imagine getting ready for a girls night out and realizing you have no eyeliner. Sure you can skip that step of the make-up process but here is a quick and easy way to get a temporary eyeliner for a night out with the girls! Let me know what your think! xoxo

                                                              What You Need:
                                                              1.)Eye shadow
                                                              2.)Liner brush
                                                              3.)Water and a container

                                                    Step One: pour water into a container

                                          Step Two and Three: sprinkle some of the eye shadow into the water cap and                                               stir to make a paste

Last Step: Sweep along lash line and you have soft eyeliner for a night out in just 3 easy and quick steps!


  1. Ha! So clever and so easy to do when there is no eye liner available. Love it. Came here through IFB. Be sure to check out my blog @

    1. Yes it such a great temporary fix if you run out of eyeliner and thanks for checking out my blog!

  2. Love this approach to as an eyeliner! I'm terrible with eyeliners but i'll for sure try this method out! Thanks for this hun! xx

  3. great post! follow each other on gfc?


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