Product Praise: Too Faced Brow Envy Shaping & Defining Kit

                     I love having thick dark eyebrows and feel blessed to have them. For those of you who don't have dark brows Too Faced Cosmetics has an amazing kit to help give your eyebrows the perfect definition. The kit includes professional tweezers, four different shades to blend and give you the perfect color, stencils to help define , angle brushes and brow comb. Below is a step by step guide and a before and after so you can get a feel for how it comes out. Comment below and let me know what if you use this one and if not which brow kit do you love! Hope you are all having a great holiday season! xoxo

                                                       Step by Step Guide:
                  1.) First brush your eyebrows
                           2.)  Pick the perfect stencil to shape your eyebrow
                           3.)  Pick a blend of colors and hold the stencil to shape your eyebrow with the color mix
                           4.)  After you have used the stencil and colors to define your eyebrow use the tweezers to                            off the extra eyebrow hair that is not part of your now define eyebrows




  1. I am actually preparing my post on this! I liveee by this product that and a few others I will be posting about. Nice blog!!


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